Thursday, March 22, 2012

TrigAid v1.5 MacOSX

TrigAid v1.5 MacOSX

TrigAid v1.5 MacOSX 3.77MB

Attention students and teachers! Announcing the every part of new Trigonometry calculation software from Praeter Software, TRIGAID is the tool that you want to calculate Trig formulas more soon and accurately than ever before! The make skilful make expert companion for when you're studying or doing homework, TrigAid helps you learn the stuff by showing you the formula and the exact calculation, AND it helps you insure against time on your assignments by giving you the mend calculation with just a few keystrokes and a pawl of the mouse! With TrigAid, you be possible to say goodbye to the long hours of penetrating for the correct formula and tedious repetition, and the frustration of not expressive if did the calculations correctly to the time when the professor hands back your adducing.

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